About Us

About Us

All Dogs Live’s Matter Dog Rescue Inc.

My wife and myself have and have been rescuing dogs for over 25years. We have had and rescued many dogs in that time. Recently we had a young dog diagnosed with Diabetes and within 4 months she became blind in both eyes, after many discussions with sleepless nights, between my wife and I along with visits to the vet, we decided to go through with the surgeries to have her eye site restored. On March 15, 2023, Sydney had her eyesight restored and came home to us two days later with full eyesight in both eyes. We were fortunate to be able to make this happen but unfortunately a lot of people cannot afford the expense. 

The surgery is expensive, along with the aftercare and many dogs unfortunately wind up going without. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds through donations, running events, and selling merchandise to help people and families offset the cost and be able to get the care they need for their dogs. There are many different types of situations out there were the cost of the fix means it doesn’t happen. We believe all dog owners love their dogs as much as we love ours and that all dogs deserve to have the best of care and food that can be provided for them.

All Dog’s Lives Matter Dog Rescue exists to promote a humane society and care for dogs in need of housing, medical treatment, and food. Through donations and volunteers, we can promote kindness, and a clear opportunity for a valued life. All while striving to build a community where people value dogs and treat them with respect, Love, and kindness.

At All Dogs Live’s Matter Dog Rescue Inc, our mission is to be a compassionate and dedicated rescue organization, committed to saving and improving the lives of dogs in need. We strive to provide a safe haven for these innocent beings, All while keeping them in there loving family home.